personal loan

Interest Rate Starting Fromsort descending Processing Fees Loan Amount Tenure Range
10.75% 0 5L - 50L 1-5 Years

10.9% 0 5L-50L 1-5 Years

10.99% 0 3L-15L 1-5 Years

10.99% 0 1L-50L 1-5 Years

10.99% 0 5L-10Crs 1-5 Years

10.99% 0 5L-10Crs 1-5 Years

10.99% 0 1L-25L 1-5 Years

10.99% 0 5L-50L 1-5 Years


What is Personal Loan?

Consumer loan granted for personal (medical), family (education, vacation), or household (extension, repairs, purchase of air conditioner, computer, refrigerator, etc.) use, as opposed to business or commercial use. Such loans are either unsecured, or secured by the asset purchased or by a co-signor (guarantor). Unsecured loans (called signature loans) are advanced on the basis of the borrower's credit-history and ability to repay the loan from personal income. Repayment is usually through fixed amount installments over a fixed term. Also called consumer loan.

What does a Personal Loan cover?


You can take a personal loan for a variety of reasons. We provide you personal loans to cover the following purposes:

  • Personal Loan for Wedding and Marriages
  • Personal Loan for Education and Higher Studies
  • Personal Loan for Travel and Holidays
  • Personal Loan for General Purposes

Are you Eligible for a Personal Loan?

We have eligibility criteria based on your profession and source of income. You are eligible for a personal loan if you are
A salaried person, aged 21-58 years employed in a reputed organisation in the private or public sector with a two-year track record in the organisation earning a minimum salary of Rs 20,000 per month.
Self-employed professional or businessman aged 25-65 years with a 3-year business record in the same city earning an income of Rs 2,00,000 per year.